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Why I Switched to a Physical Planner- Plus Free Planner Pages




All throughout high school, college, and my busy adult life, I have never used a planner.  Oh, I have lists on my phone, complete with reminders that I almost always ignore.  I’ve also tried countless time to journal which never lasted more than 3 days.  I’m not sure what inspired me (probably my horribly disorganized life), but I decided to try using an actual, physical planner/journal.  Let me tell you why you should consider it too.

Now, I still use my Google Calendar to keep track of my appointments (I’m not a heathen). But I have really enjoyed using my planner which is a hybrid planner/bullet journal.  The reason why I did that is that I like to think that I’m an artist (ha!) and enjoy drawing layouts.  You may or may not.

The first thing I have noticed is that I am less likely to worry about forgetting something.  It’s all there in my to-do list.  That’s not to say that I actually get it all done, or even close. Secondly, it really is nice to see your goals in writing and there truly is satisfaction in ticking off that little box when you finish a task.

I also leave room in my planner for a quick journal entry, mood, and health tracker. Speaking of tracking, you wouldn’t believe the things you should apparently be monitoring.  Such as when you last changed the water filter, which movies you watched, your weight, all of your bad habit….. the list goes on.  Here is a photo of my book tracker. It isn’t updated- I swear I’ve read, ok, listened to, more books than that.

bullet journal book tracker


Ok, so there are so very many ways you can do this.  Did you know there are whole communities, blogs, Facebook groups,  and more devoted to planners and journals? It is way too easy to spend a fair amount of money on all of the cute supplies. Not that I have…ahem. But what do you really need? A notebook or binder. Some pens and markers. Maybe a highlighter.

If you want to draw your own layouts as I have done below (be gentle), you are going to want dot grid paper,

monthly planner page


I went with a Paris theme for April. Here is another weekly layout. Along with some dailies.

planner weekly layout

daily planner page


I am using a disc-bound binder which I really like but because I print my own pages, I did have to invest in a funky hole punch.  In the beginning, I would suggest a regular 3 ring binder.

To sum it up, I highly recommend giving planning/journaling a try.  You may even uncover a hidden talent.  And to start you off I have some free pages for you.  Click the image below, or HERE, to download the printable pdf which includes a calendar for May, 5 weekly pages,  14 daily pages, and a few dot grid pages.  Mix and match as you please. All designed by myself.  Let me know how you like them and I will try to include more each month.

.free daily planner page

XO,    Alisa

Alisa Gannon
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