Top 5 Spring Break ready bikinis’

The month of spring is finally here! And to those of us who live in the much colder areas definitely deserves a break! I am sure we are all wishing it were AT LEAST 75 and sunny statewide. However, with summer only a couple months away buying swimwear in early March can save you a few bucks. And personally looking through all of the trends for spring and summer 2017 is making it very tempting to purchase some tickets to Cancun ASAP.

Flirt with some tassels

These will look great at a beach party – day or night, a stroll around the board walk and if you throw a fun tunic over the swimsuit it will be a great way to complete the outfit. Available in a variety of colors and styles these will definitely be hot this season!

Swim in a crop top?

Perfect for whether we are gals are bustier on top or thin and lean; these will look very sporty and fun at the beach! The crop tops come in great styles from high-necks, sheer to matte material and cute cutouts.

Two words, Halter tops

Move over triangle tops and bring in the halters! Sheer and crochet are popular designs for this style and during  Miami fashion week we saw many models walk this trend.

Lace up the sides

These ever so trendy straps whether it’s over your cleavage or on your back one thing is for sure, its very IN! Swimsuit designers have taken this trend and applied to the side of the suit, which looks very stylish!

The High cut!

This look is screaming major Baywatch and will bring out the Pamela Anderson in all of us. This style looks great with accessories from a body necklaces to a floppy sunhat. We recommend layering 2 to 3 necklaces with one a bit bolder than the others to give your look a more trendy appearance!




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