Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Three ways to zen!

Stress is stress. Whether you’re in school cramming for midterms or your kids have just discovered that your walls are open for coloring. It is very important to take time out of your day to step back and de-stress!

Stress may actually be the source of all evil (sorry money) but, according several articles done by the Mayo Clinic stress can account for issues small to big! Small being headaches, anxiety or upset stomachs. Bigger issues include depression, social withdrawal, drug or alcohol use and other major health problems.

So taking a couple minutes out of your day may not be such a bad idea if it means saving your sanity and improving your health.

Unplug and Zone out?

I know as I say this you maybe looking at a monitor screen but sometimes it is great to just not be apart of the social media realm! Cut out Instagram, Facebook and twitter and just interact with the physical world. Or do so by lying down outside whether it’s on a grassy hill or hammock and just soak in the vitamin D. Be one with your surrounding and zone out. It is great to visualize the future whether it is goals or your what your dreams are!


Just go for a walk

Whether it is at a park or a 10-minute walk to your local supermarket this is a task that we can all do daily. Staying cooped up in the house and without any fresh air can actually cause your mood to decrease! So go outside walk around, drink some water always and just see the town; you never know what new restaurant or hotspot might be around the corner.

Turn up your music

Hit up the volume from level 13 to 25 and jam out! Nothing puts me in a better mood then letting loose and really getting into a song no matter how much I don’t sound like Beyoncé.

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