The Minimalist Apartment

The minimalist style has been on trend and has no intention of disappearing any time soon! Not only do we see it in our make up or fashion but in our homes as well! The simple appeal of neutral colors and a minimal set feels very un-cluttered and elegant.


Here are a few tricks in creating a minimalist apartment or home!







First, when looking at your walls, depending on if you are able to change the color; we would recommend grey or white which is the most pleasing and very minimal-chic!


Now to decorate the walls!


This can be done through simple black or white-framed images, uniquely shaped mirrors, or big pieces of artwork. Depending if these walls belong to your bedroom or living area you can throw in the firefly lights or a light wall tapestry.







Keeping floor pieces such as your staple coffee table, coat hangers and comfy chairs in neutral tones such as tan, grey, black or white will tie in the outer elements.


Other key pieces could include candleholders, mason jars or room dividers to accent different parts of the room.


You want to remember to keep the room simple, too much may sound good in the beginning but keeping it to a minimum is key!




Plants indoor are great in both aesthetics and for our health! Placing it on your desk, kitchen counter and even corner table makes the room have more of an earthy tone. There are lists of recommended indoor plants but some that we have noticed to be favorites are snake plants, aloe, ivy, and succulents.


Lastly, adding your own flair and personality through key elements will make it truly feel like home! Remember to have fun with it and play around with as many different arrangements possible.






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