The IN and OUT of 2017 Interior Design

The critics have weighed in on the trends of interior design for 2017! Many of the trendy items and styles are being thrown out and labeled out of trend!

How many of us remember the sudden increase of thrifted items and collected antique pieces?

Well, yes this has been labeled out of trend for 2017. Having small bits and pieces of antique or rare collectables have been voted okay but, over doing it is definitely a no go.

Big and bigger furniture, who doesn’t love that? A giant comfy couch would usually have my name written all over it however, this year oversized furniture has been voted out! This is the year with many minimalistic styles and design taking off therefore,the use of the space is being viewed more important and creative even!

Calling all metal fans! Your time has run out! No, we do not mean your pots and pans but, the brushed metal vibe has been kicked out! The industrialized looks of the early 2010s has ended, instead having warm metals balanced throughout a space such as a kitchen may look more modern and chic!

So what’s “IN” you ask?

Since we are out with the shiny metallic in your kitchen bring on in the matte finish! This whole new look has an ability to look very elegant minus the glare in your face.

Unless you haven’t checked any social media over the past couple of months! You will have failed to noticed one of the biggest trends of 2017! MARBLE is IN! From your cellphone cases to your countertop this stone adds a great touch to a very gorgeous minimalistic vibe! Marble is perfect in your kitchen or even in your bedroom this trend will probably be one that will survive everything!

Subway tiles in your kitchen? This matte brick like placement looks perfect behind your cupboards and appliances. We suggest very neutral colors when deciding the tiles from white, grey to darker grey! 


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