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Ten Mother’s Day Gifts your Mom will Love



Mother’s Day is fast approaching on May 12th.  And as much as she appreciates the grocery store flowers, how about we step it up this year? First, let me emphasize that for most moms, just getting to talk to you, spending time in person if possible, is the most precious gift.


That being said, I have a list of 10 great gift ideas. Some are traditional and some are unconventional.  But I’m sure you will find something perfect for your mom.


First, let’s start with the classic gifts. I love the jewelry at You can pick your settings, your metals, your stones.

This is the exact pendant we got for my mother last year. It has my and my 2 brother’s birthstones. She loves it and wears it often.


They are having a 20% off sale right now and this exact configuration in sterling with a teeny diamond, a peridot, and a rhodolite garnet is only $ 204.00. Prices will vary with stones and metal choices. Check it out here.

I also love this petite ring in rose gold. This particular one is $235.00.


They have so many choices and it’s fun designing your own pieces. If you are an only child, consider having your birthstone and hers together.



Another traditional gift is flowers. Having fresh flowers in the house feels so decadent. offers flower subscriptions to keep your mom in beautiful blooms as often as you please. The quality is top notch as well.


Flower bouquet



Speaking of subscriptions, how about a membership to Having easy to make, healthy meals on hand could be a real treat for your mom.


Another great meal timesaver is the Instant Pot. I love mine and am still learning about all it can do. This isn’t your mother’s Crock pot.


Instant pot



Next, we have this adorable garden ornament called a butterfly puddler. Apparently, the butterflies are attracted to the minerals left when the well dries up. Wouldn’t this be lovely in her garden? It’s from Uncommon Goods where you can find tons of unique gifts.


Butterfly attracting stone



Since we are speaking of gardens, why not make a mini fairy garden for mom? There are many tutorials and resources on the web. I’ll admit that I’m a bit obsessed. I made this one for my mom a few years ago.


fairy garden



Here is an unconventional but fantastic gift idea. The gift of safety. I just bought my mom a personal alarm and pepper spray. Make sure you check your state’s rules about the pepper spray. And even more importantly, make sure she knows how to use it. I recently held a Damsel in Defense Warrior Workshop where we were given great tips and a chance to buy items at a great price.


Personal Alarm and Flashlight
Pouch o’ Pepper Spray




Consider giving the gift of a family photo shoot. When was the last time you had photos taken with your parents? I gave this gift to my mom 4 years ago so it’s time to book another. The memories are priceless.


Family photo



My last 2 ideas involve giving the gift of time. Which becomes more and more precious as we mature.

Think about tickets to an upcoming play, concert, a short bus trip? Make a day or evening of it and include a nice meal. Be sure to take a lot of pictures.


Admit one tickets




My last gift idea also involves a shared experience. You could sign up for a painting, pottery, yoga, cheese making 😉 class? I signed myself and my mom up for watercolor painting and we both are hooked now.


Painting class


I hope that you find a few of these gift ideas inspiring.  I also realize that we all don’t have the privilege of living close to our mothers. So maybe start a tradition of calling her once a week. Or even better, get her set up to Skype.


I hope you enjoyed these ideas and if you are a mother yourself, all of us here at Tiffany Brown Designs wish you the happiest Mother’s Day!

Pink gift box and flowers


XO, Alisa

Alisa Gannon
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