Spring 2017 trends that will still be HOT in summer!

Winter is basically over (right ?) and now we are waiting for a new season to start! But WAIT how many of us come across this problem of realizing that you can’t wear any of the outfits you bought last season! So that cute maxi dress is going to have to wait it’s turn. I know many of us can feel frustrated when you realize that everything you just bought will only be in style for 2 to 3 months and then you have to go shopping again. Well for this spring and summer you can wear these outfits again and again!


Wearing it outside


Remember last spring when we went back to the amazing era of 1995 circa Clueless with having the basic white tee and a black silk cami over it? Well this time toss out the camisole and bring out the underwear! Fashion runways were inspired by this look of having very stylish bras over your t-shirt!






Jump into a jumpsuit





Personally I love it when an outfit comes all in one! Isn’t great to just wake up in the morning and not have to shuffle around to find the white jeans to go with your floral top? Jumpsuits are back and easy to pair up with a thick belt or chunky wedges!



Sporty chic





From Yeezy to Nike sporty chic fashion has taken a toll! Nothing looks more comfy casual than a sports parka; all black shirt and jeans paired with Adidas originals. Sport parkas are perfect for the crisp spring air as well as light enough for the summer sunshine. This also can be seen as a nod to the late 80s with the funky and very playful colors! Colors like these are usually easier to pair up with all one colored outfits but don’t let that stop you. The fashion ensemble especially in this genre looks 10 out of 10 when you’re just having fun with it!

















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