Rings, rings and more rings

The more the better, rings are a staple fashion statement to any casual outfit. Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll around town or picking up some dinner at your local dive rings accent your wardrobe making you instantly fashionable!



In recent trends the midi ring and stacked gold or sliver rings have been seen in every season! So no worries about it being out of style. Depending on whether you like rocking bohemian inspired looks or simplistic hues with your minimalist apparel there are key tips on making rings fit into your daily look!


Don’t go too bold!


Although when ring stacking became very popular circa 2014 we have noticed with the jump into 2017 that keeping it a bit simpler looks very stylish. Like the picture below having your bolder piece such as stacked thicker rings or stone rings on one finger such as your pointer finger keeps them in place. Accenting that bolder piece with a thinner midi ring also helps create that chic look that you are looking for.


Beware of copper


Fast fashion brands carry some of the most perfect rings in every style for prices at most times under 5$! However, the cheaper rings over time loose that perfect gold or sliver shade and turns into a brassy copper! Like our hair when it comes to unwanted brass we should always say no! Having a perfect set of stones looks great but, a copper metal attached that could cause your fingers to turn green isn’t on our to do list.




Pay attention to independent brands


Sometimes the most unique and chic rings aren’t available at your local mall but, can be found online or through social media. Brands such as @shopdixi or @areyouami carries popular rings that even runway fashion models pay attention to!


















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