Post Valentine R&R

It’s TIME for some post-holiday R&R! Whether your Valentine’s Day was amazingly romantic and filled with roses or filled with some Netflix and chocolate instead, this is a type of therapy we all can use.


From retail therapy to post Galentine celebrations treating YO self is not a bad idea to make it till spring!


Post holiday sales are great to jump on early! Researchers agree that these are potential times to find and purchase sale items.


So what looks good post valentine?


Baking goods, gift-wrapping items and of course future valentine goodies!


When thinking about valentine gift-wrapping, I know many of us may stop in our tracks and wonder how on earth you can use red, white or pink for another holiday. But actually these colors are perfect for many other occasions! Red for Christmas, pink for a girlfriend’s birthday or a baby shower are just some ideas that would work great.


Are on sale baking and party goods also calling your name? Why not throw a post Galentine celebration?


Pink and white streamers and bubbly champagne bought half price with your gals’ sounds like nothing but a great time!


A perfect way to set up an amazing post Galentine celebration could be done simply by gathering a couple items and setting up!


We recommend heading to your local mass supply store and picking up some adorable party decorations from necessities like plates, celling decoration, backdrops, balloons and fun items like heart eyed emoji masks! Instead of bombarding the entire space with floating hearts and love motifs try bringing it down just a smidge. By blowing up pink balloons and having them set to a corner, white plates filled with sugar cookies, clear glasses with sparkling white wine and a hilarious backdrop with playful mustaches on sticks for a photo up is one way to show your friends a time they won’t forget!







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