Loafers Are NOT For Grandmas

Loafers Are NOT For Grandmas
Loafers Are NOT For Grandmas

For a long time Gucci has been the luxury brand steadily going along with the rest of brands, but in the last year they did a major rebranding, which put Gucci to the next level. And that was the moment when the fashion world turned to maximalism trend. The more prints, colors and layers the better. No other brand than Gucci brought the loafers back to the game.

I know, for a ling time I thought they are super old-fashioned grandma look, but then it hit me that all the it girls are wearing them but me! I thought so too until last fall when all the street style stars started wearing them, and then I spotted Kendall and Gigi in loafers. They looked dead gorgeous, as always, so I thought no more grandmas associations! Apparently, it’s been a very important statement piece for Alexa Chung too. Surprise surprise, loafers are so in! Even in winter time loafers could be a great statement piece of your outfit, especially if they have fur soles.

Gucci Fur Slip Ons

Loafers of the season are nothing else but Gucci fur slip ons. The bloggers and celebs love them. They might look quite unusual from the first look, but look, your outfit can go from simple to fashion forward by changing this one outfit detail.!148/alexa-chung-front-row-gucci-milan-fashion-week-2/

Loafers for every taste

Don’t worry if you don’t find the fur attractive. There are plenty of other loafer models for every taste. There’s silver loafers, studded loafers, pointed loafers and many more.

Stay loafered!

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