Thursday, August 22, 2019

In New York we dress like…

!If you have ever been to New York City or binge-watched Sex and the City (like me) then you should definitely know or have your take on the New York City gal. There is just something about this city that makes people dress differently. Whether it be the fast pace atmosphere or the never-ending options of events people definitely change once they step onto this industrialized jungle.

!We have noticed that New York has a very chic and cool vibe.The staples include, a white button up, denim (in the basic colors), in this weather don’t forget sweaters of all types, leather in way or another, chic minimalistic outerwear and sunglasses that will have Victoria Beckham jealous. And don’t worry! Even if you don’t live in New York you can definitely dress to impress and make your mark in your city.

!Walking around the city in a fashionable matter is always somewhat of a boost! There is just something about getting all doll up and catching coffee with friends or eating for one at a new Chinese place. Whether you are running some errands or walking home there are great ways to style for occasion!

!Going to your local Whole Foods? I usually opt for some yoga pants and a sweatshirt but in New York we can go in style. Simple and casual can definitely be translated into dark denim jeans, light grey sweater and some short booties!

!When shopping around in spots like Soho, which is one of the trendier parts of New York, it is great to look your best from creative vintage designs to very high chic! We are in love with dressing yourself up in different designs and bringing out your inner Carrie Bradshaw. So ladies throw on your fedoras and bring a large shoulder bag for all the hidden goodies.

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