How To Dress Slimmer

How To Dress Slimmer

How To Dress Slimmer
How To Dress Slimmer

Wear Your Curves Like Tanesha Awasthi

I doubt that there would be a lot of people who would argue that social media nowadays has wrecked the beauty standards for the women. We see perfection everywhere, but what we don’t always realize that it’s absolutely fake. That’s why when I found the blogger with curves Tanesha Awashti, I stared her blog immediately. She’s confident, beautiful, successful, and there’s so many style tricks we can learn from her.

There’s no one better than Tanesha Awasthi who knows how to wear your curves with proud. Tanesha is a lifestyle blogger, wife and mum from San Fransico. She started her blog for ladies with curves in 2011 and now she’s one of the top fashion influencers. So, today we’re learning from this powerful lady how to be stylish and hide some imperfections if needed. We definitely learned some tricks looking at her blog.

If you’re wearing maxi, make sure to accentuate your bust.



Wear a kimono style shirt and tie up your belt to accentuate the slimmest part of your body – the waist.


Wear black. Classic rule that everyone knows – black makes you look slimmer.


Wear A line dresses and skirts with a tight top.



Don’t be afraid to wear prints, just make sure to pick the right length. Knee length is playful enough, but still looks classy.

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Don’t wear oversized everything. If you’re wearing a loose top, wear skinny jeans or leggings. Add up a pair of heels to visually prolong your legs.


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