Homemade Ice Cream

On hot summer days, there are multiple ways to cool your insides: popsicles, cold water and the favorite of them all, ice cream. My family and I absolutely love chocolate ice cream but we didn’t want to buy a pint from the store or go to our local Baskin Robins. Instead, we made our own ice cream from scratch! Our initial task when going to Walmart was to buy Almond milk and come home but we saw the Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Ice Cream Maker. Curious of what we could make we purchased it along with the rock salt and the condensed milk. It was the kids first time making ice cream from scratch so we were excited to introduce them to a new fun way to bond and have fun making their favorite cool dessert. The ice cream took roughly an hour to really get everything together and churn the ice cream to the way of our liking but it turned out great! I highly recommend for everyone to try to expand to homemade fun with small children, even teenagers will enjoy it. It’s a great choice of family time, its not too messy of a clean up but definitely some work will be getting done. You can find different styles of ice cream makers in Walmart, Target and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re sure to find some great picks! YouTube provides a variety of videos for how to make certain recipes. I hope you try it, can’t wait to hear about your homemade ice cream experience!

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