For the bride-to-be! Wedding shoes 101

A bride should never have to opt for comfortable footwear over her dream wedding shoes. However, those first few steps in stilettos can be daunting. Here are five tips and tricks that will have you dancing with your husband all night.

1. Purchase some inserts

Having a little cushion between you and your wedding footwear maybe, the extra comfort you need! You can just stop by your local retailer and pick up a pair. These inserts come in different shapes for different needs. Therefore, if you find yourself someone with a higher arch or wider feet then these can be a great deal of help.

2. Increase the width

Placing your heels to some proximity of heat can help expand the material therefore, giving you some extra space. Whether it is a hair dryer or heater both will work great; just make sure to not overheat them!

3. Using deodorant on strappy sandals

Consider moisturizing the straps with deodorant, which has just enough oil to buffer between your skin and the material. Just adding a thin layer or one coat should be plenty in giving your self some relief. Some ladies opt for lotion but the only problem could be that it ends up being too slippery than what we would like.

4.Breaking them in

Finding time to break in your wedding shoes can be difficult however; just slipping them on for 30 minutes a day can ensure a less painful wedding day! We found that mornings and afternoons maybe difficult in terms of time however, if you have a window try stretching them out.

5. Opt for a larger size

Having your shoes “too” fitted can cause unwanted blisters and pain. Choosing half an inch or an inch larger may be the answer to give your self a little wiggle room.

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