Thursday, August 22, 2019

Five things women (even guys!) should try!

Go out for breakfast or coffee by yourself


Not that is limited to only breakfast but yes ladies, some alone time is vital! Pop your ear buds in; crank up some Beyoncé and powerwalk to your closest Starbucks or café then order all of your favorites!



Go to that Pilates or Kickboxing session


We know! Working out isn’t as easy as it sounds and especially getting up in the morning to go to your local gym is harder. But after burning a couple calories and bringing up those endorphins we are one step closer to being summer 2017 body goals!



Buy yourself some cute bralettes


From classic bras, sport bras or bralettes we have a range of very cute options! Nothing screams a more perfect Friday Netflix night than rocking your Calvin Klein bra and underwear. Plus for fun throw a robe over your shoulders and pick up some Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough!



Did someone say road trip?


Yes! Grab your friends and hit the road! With spring break around the corner as well as the summer it may be time for a much needed R&R session! Popular spots are of course anywhere within a 3-mile radius of a beach however, summer time camping and music festival chasing is something we should all experience at least once.



Learn something new


Whether you’re 21 or 56 learning something new never hurts! Some of us are in love with our day-to-day routines and may also feel content in where we are. However, learning a thing or two only helps us grow as an individual.


So sit down, pull out your laptop or notebook and actually dive deep into your thoughts. There is always going to be a recipe you’ve never tried, a language you can’t speak, a craft you haven’t mastered and those are some reasons why its good to put ourselves out there and learn.







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