DIY Homemade

Homemade Ice cream

On hot summer days, there are multiple ways to cool your insides: popsicles, cold water and the favorite of them all, ice cream. My family and I absolutely love chocolate ice cream but we didn’t want to buy a pint from the store or go to our local Baskin Robins. Instead, we made our own […]

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A REAL ZOO Experience

Remember when you were younger and the zoo was the most exciting place?! Or maybe even the circus for some of us. Either way those are memories we’ve experienced at least five times since elementary school. Now that we’re older, we look forward to even more exciting daring adventures and I think I know a […]

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Aloe Vera Miracle Growth

Long hair has been my focus for years now! Growing up I was complimented all day long for having such long, healthy and shiny hair. I didn’t realize how important it was to take care of my hair until I started using flat irons all day long. It really made me appreciate my hair because […]

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What is Fashion Week?

    Fashion. Style. It all sounds so sweet and how can you not love a nice outfit or that new season from your favorite designer? Fashion gives us that extra push to go out to our favorite lounge, restaurant, party, you name it, we do it! As much as we love all of the […]

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