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Are you tired?

I am sure we can all relate to those early mornings where our bodies are just not having it! I can personally vouch that during high school I had to place my alarm clock not near my pillow but on the other side of my bedroom just so I can force myself to get up. Whether your method includes the morning cup of coffee or a hot shower to get you going we all share a common problem.

Why are we tired all the time?

Semi what?

There is a new coined term called semi-somnia and by the looks of it probably many of us can relate to the symptoms. Unlike people who suffer from insomnia, people who have semi-somnia are able to get some shut-eye at night but their quality of sleep is extremely poor! This can relate to having a very hectic lifestyle, feeling overstressed or spending a little too much time scrolling down Instagram.

Just drink it

In a 2012 study done by The Journal of Nutrition, healthy women who do not replace 1.5 percent of their water weight will experience low levels and suffer mood swings. So yes! Just drink it. Replenishing our body with water rather than dehydrating beverages such as soda, alcohol, milk or coffee is vital in keeping our body healthy!

How stressed are you?

Our hormone levels do take notice to us when we are crying over how overwhelmed we feel. Stress is bound to happen whether it is your kids, family or friends something can always occur. And as you know stress does take a toll on our bodies. Not only does it wear us out but, it can cause unstable sleep patterns and very unbearable mornings! So yes drink that cup of tea and sit in your tub to unwind because taking some “you” time is vital.

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